Sonic 20th Anniversary

Sound Innovation

For over 20 years, Sonic technology has brought the magic of everyday sounds and conversations to people with hearing loss.

Meet Our Founders

Our founders were three brilliant scientist-engineers who focused lifelong interests in how sound is produced and how the human brain processes it. Using digital technology and the latest microchip manufacturing techniques, they created the first Sonic product in 1998, a completely digital hearing aid that fit inside the human ear.

  • Dr_Thomas_Stockham

    Dr. Thomas Stockham

    A pioneer of digital recording, a master of digitizing and processing sound.

  • Dr_Douglas_Chabries

    Dr. Douglas Chabries

    Designed Navy sonar systems and developed algorithms that simulated how the human ear and brain process sound.

  • Dr_Carvar_Mead

    Dr. Carver Mead

    The father of microelectronics, he reduced a bench-top prototype to a single tiny chip.

Our 4S Foundation

Over the years, we have consistently improved and refined each generation of hearing devices. We developed algorithms that separate speech from noise and bring it to the foreground. We learned how to reduce background noise in many diverse environments. Along the way, we received awards for design and engineering.

Today's Sonic hearing aids come in a wide range of styles that can meet the needs of practically every patient. All our products and accessories are true to our 4S Foundation:

• Sound That’s Natural 

• Speech Understanding in Noise 

• Simplicity in Everything We Do 

• Style That Stands Out 

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