Hearing aid solutions from Sonic

Hearing Aid Solutions 

Explore our hearing aid styles, technology levels, and accessories. Then talk to a Hearing Care Professional about a solution that's right for you.



Introducing Radiant SE. Beyond Brilliant.

Powering the evolution of the personalized hearing experience.

Get inspired to reach new heights with Radiant SE on the Extend technology platform. Enjoy a clear, natural sound experience, lithium-ion rechargeability, and direct streaming from iOS and AndroidTM  devices via the SoundLink 3 app.*




* For more information on compatibility visit www.sonici.com/compatibility


Hearing Aid Styles

Sonic features products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and your hearing loss needs.

  • BTE hearing aid in action

    Powerful BTEs

  • Custom hearing aid in action

    Discreet Customs

  • RIC hearing aid in action

    Stylish RIC options


A New Generation of Sonic Technology

  • extend-platform-icon84111622

    Extend Technology


    Extend represents a natural evolution from the SoundDNA platform. An advanced technology platform, Extend offers more memory and greater processing power to quickly find, filter, and fine-tune sounds. Intelligent, integrated systems work together to decrease environmental noises, resulting in a clear, natural sound experience.

  • SoundDNA Platform Logo

    SoundDNA Technology


    SoundDNA offers a natural hearing experience using special technology that suppresses feedback and noise and clarifies speech automatically. Some of our devices have a charging system for battery power that can last all day, even when you're streaming entertainment or talking on the phone.




Essential Accessories

Sonic accessories help you get more from your hearing devices – more control and sound connections to your favorite online entertainment and news, as well as easier conversations with the people you care about. There are plenty of accessories to keep you connected, no matter what kind of wireless device you are using.




Hearing Aids



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Find a Hearing Care Professional to discuss which Sonic hearing aids are right for your particular hearing and lifestyle needs.