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Introducing Captivate!

What Life Sounds Like. 

Easier listening, with detailed sound and fewer distractions.1,2,3 Captivate has new technology for better feedback control and a Lithium-ion battery* that powers through the day, even with streaming. Captivate immerses patients in the clear, natural sounds of life.


1 Sonic (2019). SmartCompress. Sonic Spotlight Technology Paper.
2 Sonic (2019). Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro. Sonic Spotlight Technology Paper.
3 Sonic (2019). SPiN Management. Sonic Spotlight Technology Paper.
* Only available on Captivate miniRITE T R, available May 2019.

SoundDNA Expressfit

Get Sonic fitting software 

Sonic’s easy-to-use fitting software, EXPRESSfit® Pro, makes fittings simple, intuitive, and more accurate with features like Adaptation Manager, Transfer Fitting, and SoundStudio that help you provide the best possible hearing experience for your patients.


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