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Release notes:

EXPRESSfit Pro 2021.2

Sonic EXPRESSfit Pro 2021.2 supports the new Radiant 100|80|60 miniRITE T style and includes several helpful new fitting features:

Fitting Assistant
The Fitting Assistant is an interactive tool to fine-tune hearing aids during a fitting or follow-up visit. Based on a selected topic and patient complaint, EXPRESSfit Pro can identify and offer an appropriate solution. Solutions consist of changes to gain as well as other recommendations which can be applied to the hearing aids with the click of a button.

Remote Fitting update

  • Remote Fitting now supports In-situ Audiometry, which operates in the same manner as when it is performed in the clinic. To secure optimal quality of the in-situ audiogram, the ambient noise level in the patient’s environment can be measured through the hearing aid and displayed in EXPRESSfit Pro.
  • If multiple cameras and/or sound equipment are connected to the fitting PC, the HCP can select which of them shall be used for the session in the remote fitting window

Bone conduction handling for first fit prescription
Bone conduction thresholds can now be included or excluded with the first fit prescription for mixed hearing losses.

Improved awareness for Adaptation Level setting
The Adaptation Level setting is now shown in each fitting screen, to improve the awareness during the hearing aid fitting or follow up session.

Battery health indicator for rechargeable products
Lithium-ion batteries can lose their capacity over time and need to be replaced when they have reached the end of their lifetime. The new battery health indicator in EXPRESSfit Pro shows the remaining capacity of the hearing aid's rechargeable battery and recommends a battery change when needed.

ProbeGUIDE - Verifit®Link update
EXPRESSfit Pro now supports Audioscan's unique ‘Probe Tube Placement’ feature. This tool allows more precise and safer placement of the REM probe tube when using Real Ear Fit with Verifit®Link

REM module launcher
Connected REM modules can be launched directly from the REM settings screen in EXPRESSfit Pro

EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2.1

EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2.1 is an update of Version 2020.2, which includes fixes to some defects found after the release. Interoperability with some diagnostic equipment via IMC protocol is improved. The release will replace EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2.

EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2

EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2 supports the new Radiant 100|80|60 product family with the following fitting features related to it:

  • 24 fitting bands: To facilitate a better target match and allow more fine-tuning flexibility (100-level product)
  • A new Personalization tool: A set of 5 questions can be used to evaluate the end-user’s sound preferences, for better and more efficient personalization, and to improve the first fit acceptance.
  • Battery protection mode: Radiant hearing aids can be set into a sleep mode to reduce battery consumption in Stand-By.
  • Remote Fitting: Remote Fitting allows connecting the hearing aid to fitting software through the new SoundLink Connect app via the cloud Remote Fitting service, to make real-time hearing aid adjustments remotely. It supports direct communication between the end-user and HCP with video, audio and chat function.

    All fitting features from EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2 can be used in a Remote Fitting session, except In-Situ Audiometry, Feedback measurements, Real Ear Fit, and Tinnitus SoundSupport. Remote Fitting can be done with all hearing aid products from Sonic with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

    The Sonic SoundLink Connect app is available for iOS and Android, distributed via the App Store and Google Play.

    Learn more about Remote Fitting and if it’s right for your patients.


EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.2 also contains these functional improvements:

  • Improvements on fitting performance and installation, and extensions to the REM Verification features.

Note: The legacy fitting module (EXPRESSfit 2017) is no longer included in the installer. Please contact customer service if needed.

EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.1
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.1 supports the new Captivate 40|20 product family
  • It also contains an update to the battery handling screen for Li-ion rechargeable products
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2020.1 will be available on USB flash media, by download, and also via your Sonic updater
EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.2
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.2 supports the new Trek 80|40 product family
  • New volume control setting for SP/UP instruments
  • New fitting preference for SP/UP instruments
  • Transfer Fitting now transfers volume steps, volume control range settings, and all feature settings of the fitted hearing aid
  • Bimodal fitting flowchart PDF in the menu bar gives advice on how to fit both cochlear implant and hearing aid technologies together
  • Verifit® LINK now supports simultaneous binaural measurements and Max SPL
  • Real Ear Fit can be viewed in the NOAH Fast Data View
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.2 is available on USB flash media, download, and also via your EXPRESSfit updater; includes option to install only EXPRESSfit Pro in the case of a new installation
EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1 SP1
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1 Service Pack is the latest patch on EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1, which contains some minor updates
  • It is available via your EXPRESSfit updater when connected to the internet
EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1 supports the new Captivate 100|80|60 product family with fitting features, including battery handling and indicator options for the rechargeable miniRITE T R style. Extensions to the Transfer Fitting function
  • EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1.1 is available on USB flash media, by download, and also via your EXPRESSfit updater


For best results, prior to installation: 

  2. If using Noah, it must be at least Noah version 4
  3. Verify your computer meets System Requirements
  4. Shut off anti-virus or disconnect from the internet
  5. Ensure that you start the installation as an administrator
  6. Start the installation by clicking on the setup.exe file
  7. Let the installation finish completely - this may take up to 10 minutes

For more information on installation and features of EXPRESSfit Pro, download the fitting system User Guide



System requirements for EXPRESSfit ® Pro


Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows® 10 (32/64 bit), all editions except ARM platform and Windows® 10 S
  • Microsoft Windows® 8 (32/64 bit), all editions except RT
  • Windows® 7 SP1 (32/64 bit), all editions



  • Noah 4.6 (minimum)*

*Note: Noah based Office systems must be HIMSA Certified


Processor 1 GHz minimum, 2GHz recommended
RAM 4 GB or more
Free Hard Disk Space 8GB minimum
Graphics 1280 x 1024 pixels
Ports USB 2.0 for programming devices and USB installation
Sound For Sound Studio: 5.1 surround sound card with 5.1 speaker system recommended (subwoofer channel is not supported)