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Sonic Remote Fitting


Visit your hearing care professional online over your phone or tablet 

With the Sonic SoundLink 3 app, you can now have online appointments and Remote Fitting sessions with your hearing care professional from home or from another location of your choice.


Experience multiple benefits with Sonic Remote Fitting 

  • Convenient

    Stay at home for follow-up consultations and counseling with your hearing care professional.

  • Virtual follow-up

    Get your hearing aids adjusted remotely.

  • Patient support

    Test new hearing aid settings in real time.

  • Save time

    Save time by not traveling to your hearing care professional.


Easy for you and your hearing care professional to keep in touch

Join the online appointment with your hearing care professional over the Sonic SoundLink 3 app. Together, you can benefit from the following Remote Fitting functionalities:

  • Hearing Aid Fine-tuning

    Hearing aid fine-tuning


    Your hearing care professional can adjust your hearing aids online in real time.

  • Video Calls

    Video calls


    Set up a video call to have face-to-face conversations with your hearing care professional.

  • Phone Calls

    Phone calls


    Talk to your hearing care professional without the camera turned on, if you prefer.

  • Chat Box

    Chat Box


    Use the chat function to exchange short text messages.


    Start Sonic Remote Fitting now


    Download the Sonic SoundLink Connect app and you are only a few steps away from your first Remote Fitting session with your hearing care professional.


    Step 1: Create an account and sign in

    Step 2: Connect to your Sonic hearing aids

    Step 3: Connect to your hearing care professional


Download the Sonic SoundLink 3 app

Sonic SoundLink 3 app can be used on the iPhone®, iPad®, Android™


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Do you need any help with getting ready for your Remote Fitting appointment?

Get support with preparing for your appointment, see troubleshooting tips, and read frequently asked questions. You can also download the instructions for use.

  • Checklist icon

    Preparation and setup


    System requirements

    Pairing your iPhone or iPad with your hearing aid(s)

    Installing the app

    Setting up an account



  • During icon

    Starting your appointment


    Before you get started

    Important things to remember during the appointment

    Starting your first appointment

    Connecting your Android with your hearing aid(s) in the app



  • Troubleshooting icon




  • Question mark

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Checklist icon

Preparation and setup

During icon

Starting your appointment

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*When watching the video, please note that SoundLink 3 has replaced SoundLink Connect.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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If you don't find the information you are looking for, reach out to your Hearing Care Professional.