SoundDNA Platform

Brilliant Sound Technology

If you are interested in the technology of hearing aids, there's a lot to admire in Sonic's advanced SoundDNA platform.

Technology Fewer Distractions

Fewer feedback distractions.

Our Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro is a smart system that stops feedback before it starts. It includes a fast-acting supplementary system that manages feedback associated with sudden, unpredictable changes to the feedback path. The result: less chance of feedback as you go about your day.

Lithium-ion Battery

Recharge your day, just like that.

Our revolutionary new Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery and charging system, available only with Captivate miniRITE T R, offers you a full day* of power, even when you connect to your streaming accessories. Recharging is easy with a charging dock, reaching full power in about 3 hours. You'll wake up every morning ready to go.

* Full day equals 18 hours.

Get Closer to the People Around You

Get closer to the people and the natural sounds around you.

The Sonic SoundDNA platform uses a unique digital signal processing strategy that recognizes the difference between the sounds you want to hear and the noise you can live without, and automatically amplifies and processes the useful sounds, giving you clear, natural hearing, with better speech understanding.


Connect with the digital world.

Sonic uses a dual-radio system for fast and direct wireless transmissions with low battery drain. There is a full range of accessories that can bring audio entertainment, information, and telephone calls directly to your ears. If This Then That (IFTTT) is your link to the Internet of Things (IoT)*. You can get audible signals for an email received, or an alert when someone's at the door, or a text when your battery power is low. The ways to use the IFTTT network are growing every day.

* Requires SoundLink 2 App.

By Design

Easy to live with by design.

Besides all their built-in technology, Sonic hearing aids are engineered to be easy to use and maintain. They are rated IP68, which means they are physically protected from dust, sweat, and the elements. Add the variety of styles, technology levels, accessories, and colors, and you can see how these products can transform the way you live.


Find a Hearing Care Professional

A discussion with a Hearing Care Professional can answer all your questions and help you decide what you should consider in choosing the right hearing aid.