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Introducing new personalization and fitting options for Radiant!



The first Sonic hearing aid built on our Extend technology platform, Radiant combines forward-thinking innovations and versatile features to create a truly personalized hearing solution for those with mild-to-profound hearing loss.

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    The power of clear, natural communication.

    Radiant’s intelligent compression system fine-tunes amplification to enrich everyday sounds and reduce listening effort in a variety of settings. The OpenBass Dome provides enhanced sound quality and improved feedback performance for a fuller listening experience.

Radiant Family Lifestyle


For the moments that matter.

Integrated systems actively find and filter sounds with precision, so users hear what’s important, even in noisy listening environments.

Radian-technologies are poised to perform rapidly, responding to speech and noise where and when they emerge in the listening landscape.

Radiant Charger


Wireless connections and personalization tools.

Radiant is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and the first Sonic device to support direct audio streaming on compatible Android™ devices, for greater wireless options.* And, EXPRESSfit® Pro's new Personalization tool identifies the user's sound preferences from the start, so you can provide a more individualized first fit with ease.

*Radiant is a Made for iPhone, iPad®, iPod® hearing aid, compatible with devices running iOS 13 or later. Direct audio streaming for Android devices requires Android 10 or later, Bluetooth® 5.0 and an implementation of Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) on the Android device. For information on compatibility, please visit www.sonici.com/compatibility.

Sonic SmartMusic

Tune in to music

Give your patients a better music listening experience with their Radiant hearing aids.

SmartMusic Pro is an innovative new music program that improves the sound quality of recorded, streamed and live music.



    Highlight their style

    Radiant is available in three technology levels and two styles. The miniRITE T uses a traditional 312 zinc-air battery, and the miniRITE T R includes a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Sonic Radiant Styles

    Sleek and sophisticated, Radiant comes in six elegant colors so your patients can truly make it their own. Radiant also offers robust IP68 Ingress Protection from dust and water.

Sonic Radiant Color Lineup

    More Personalization and Fitting Options

    New! CROS MNR T R - For persons with Single Sided Deafness, Sonic offers our first wireless CROS/BiCROS solution with rechargeability, noise management and dual-streaming capability. Compatible with all Radiant styles and technology levels.

  • Radiant CROS

    New! MicroShell - Select this new earmold option for users with milder hearing loss or smaller ear canals who prefer a customized solution over instant-fit domes.

  • Sonic MicroShell

    New! Charger Plus - Patients can charge the Radiant miniRITE T R in the standard Desktop Charger. For on-the-go lifestyles, the optional Charger Plus* provides convenient charging when away from home, with its built-in power bank.


    * Charger Plus is currently not available in all markets. Ask your Sonic sales representative for more information.

  • Sonic Desktop Charger
  • Sonic Charger Plus

    Essential Apps and Accessories

    Radiant is compatible with user-friendly accessories that further enhance the listening experience.

  • soundlink2appscreen2x

    SoundLink 2 App controls volume and programs and connects to IFTTT.

  • SoundLink Connect App Welcome Screen

    SoundLink Connect App allows you to fit patients remotely via their compatible tablet or smartphone.

  • SoundClip-A

    SoundClip-A allows hands-free telephone conversations and improves distance communication in very noisy environments.

  • TV-A

    TV-A Adapter makes television programming easier to hear.

  • RC-A

    RC-A Remote Control allows for discrete program and volume changes.

Sonic Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction that speaks for itself.

Less than 5 percent of customers return Sonic BTE hearing aids.* That means only one out of every 20 BTE hearing aids we sell is returned. Since the industry average is nearly 17 percent, it’s a good indicator of customer satisfaction.

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* Based on Sonic BTE average return rate of 4.92%, compared to 16.72% industry average.
Source: HIA 2019 U.S. Wholesale Data.


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