Radiant SE.

Beyond Brilliant.

Features vary by technology level. Ask your Hearing Care Professional which product is right for you.



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    Go above and beyond. Radiant SE from Sonic enriches the meaningful sounds of life, delivering a personalized hearing solution that's Beyond Brilliant.

    Hear your best in a greater variety of listening environments. Radiant SE elevates your hearing experience no matter where you go - offering not only clear sound, but also comfort in noise.

    Personalized to your needs, Radiant SE allows you to hear the important sounds of speech based on your own specific hearing loss levels - so you can hear conversations the way you want.


Tuned-in technologies

Disturbing background noise can come from any direction, at any time, creating a distracting listening experience for hearing aid users. Radiant SE incorporates Sonic’s advanced technologies that quickly find, filter and fine-tune sounds in your surroundings.


Extra protection from unpredictable noises 

Hearing aids can make wind and contact noises hard to handle. Radiant SE lowers wind noise, and takes care of sounds caused from hair, glasses, brushing, or touching at the same time.

Uncomfortable clatter takes a back seat, too. Radiant SE reduces jarring loud sounds to a greater degree so you can continue listening to the conversation.



Low battery notifications

Confidently change or charge your batteries at the right time with Voice Alerts, a clearly spoken message that you will hear when the battery is low.

Radiant SE rechargeable styles offer you a full day* of power, even when streaming. Recharging is easy, reaching full power in about 3.5 hours. You'll wake up every morning ready to go.

* Full day equals 18 hours.

Beyond Limits.

Radiant SE is a Made for iPhone hearing aid and offers hands-free communication for iPhone and iPad users to make calls more convenient and comfortable. Radiant SE also supports direct audio streaming on compatible Android™ devices.


Take more control with the SoundLink 3 app:

  • Change the volume or listening program with your mobile phone or tablet
  • Balance bass, mid, and treble tones when streaming sound from your connected devices
  • Receive remote adjustments from the comfort of your home

For more information on compatibility click here.



    Step out in elegance. Choose from four sleek behind-the-ear models in three top performance levels, which all offer IP68 Ingress Protection from dust and water. Ask your Hearing Care Professional which is best for you.

Radiant BTE Styles

    Color Options

    Radiant SE is available in six sophisticated colors to better match hair and skin tones.

Radiant Colors

    Apps and Wireless Accessories

  • soundlink3-app-screen-radiant-pro-grey

    SoundLink 3 App controls volume, tracks battery charge, and so much more -- plus offers remote fitting possibilities using a compatible tablet or smartphone.

  • soundlink2appscreen2x

    SoundLink 2 App controls volume and programs and connects to IFTTT 

  • SoundClip-A

    SoundClip-A allows you to stream sound in stereo, take hands-free mobile calls from Android smartphones and more.



    * For information on compatibility, please visit www.sonici.com/compatibility.

  • TV-A

    TV-A Adapter plays TV audio directly to hearing aids.

  • RC-A

    RC-A Remote Control adjusts volume, programs and connectivity sources.




    More Personalization Options with Radiant SE

  • radiant-desktop-charger-white-bg

    Desktop Charger - Provides contactless charging of Radiant SE miniRITE T R and miniBTE T R hearing aids.

  • radiant-charger-plus-white-bg

    Charger Plus - Provides convenient charging when away from home, with its built-in power bank.*

    *Ask your Hearing Care Professional for more information.

  • Radiant CROS transmitter

    CROS/BiCROS - For Single Sided Deafness, the Sonic CROS MNR T R transmitter picks up sound from the ear with poorer hearing and wirelessly transmits it to a Radiant SE receiver worn on the ear with better hearing.

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