What’s New in EXPRESSfit Pro 2022.1

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Intuitive, accessible fitting software is essential to every hearing care professional who dispenses hearing aids. Clinicians must be able to navigate the various screens and menus in a manufacturer’s fitting software easily and confidently to successfully fit their patients — not an easy task given that most hearing care professionals work with multiple manufacturers, each with its own fitting software that uses different screens, options, and fitting flows.

This is where Sonic stands out. EXPRESSfit® Pro, Sonic’s proprietary fitting software, is simple yet sophisticated and lets the clinician perform personalized fittings with ease. Time-saving features such as the Personalization tool, the Fitting Assistant and Real Ear Fit make both first and follow-up fittings fast and effective.

With the recent release of new models and technology for Sonic’s Radiant product family in 2022, EXPRESSfit Pro version 2022.1 was concomitantly released and offers some important updates, including:

  • Support for the new Radiant miniBTE styles
  • An update to the Fitting Assistant which now enables gain and feature modifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts for In-situ Audiometry

To learn more about Sonic’s improved fitting software, view the What’s New in EXPRESSfit Pro 2022.1? course here.

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