Tips to make Halloween with your Hearing Aids Haunting, not Daunting

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Don’t let hearing loss spook you this Halloween. Whether you find yourself trick-or-treating, attending a party, or spending an evening at home handing out treats, follow these quick tips to have an enjoyable holiday!

Before heading out be sure to check your hearing aid batteries. Either insert a new battery or ensure your hearing aids are fully charged so that you don’t miss the moments that matter. Sonic Radiant offers two styles of rechargeable devices that provide a full day of use on a single charge, allowing you to hear every ‘trick-or-treat’.

Protect your hearing aids from moisture and cold temperatures. If you do venture outdoors with your hearing aids and it happens to be humid, or perhaps even very cold, consider using a dri-aid kit overnight. For Radiant rechargeable devices, the Charger Plus features a built-in drying function during the charge cycle when the lid is closed. The Charger Plus is available for both the Radiant miniRITE and miniBTE devices and adds increased portability and flexibility to these feature-rich options.


Connect wirelessly to loved ones. Whether it be while trick-or-treating, at a party or when at home, holidays are for connecting and communicating with ease. Halloween especially can be chaotic between buckets of candy and hands that need to be held. Sonic has solutions available to help you stay in toucheither through Bluetooth® connections or through our SoundClip-A. Use these solutions to communicate with your little goblin via your hearing aids.

Choose a costume without a mask. When experiencing hearing loss, you often rely even more on visual cues, and masks can impede vision. Therefore, choosing a costume with no mask or perhaps simple face paint is always a better option. Sonic Radiant hearing aids feature Radian Speech Processing and are very adept at enhancing speech even in complex listening environments. However, pairing advanced signal processing strategies and good listening skills is the best recipe for success in any challenging environment.

Use these tips to ease your mind as you head out this Halloween and be sure to have a Spooktacular time! For more information on Sonic Radiant or any of the accessories or features mentioned please visit our website at www.sonici.com or call your Sonic sales team at 888-423-7834.  



Bluetooth® is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA.

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