SoundDNA Platform

The Revolutionary Technology Behind What Life Sounds Like

The Sonic SoundDNA platform combines an array of automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technologies for a clear, natural sound experience.

Not all technologies listed below are available in all products or technology levels. Please refer to the Product Information Guide for the specific product to verify availability.



Configurable adaptive compression system for intelligent amplification in noise. Speech Variable Processing (SVP) is the unique digital signal processing strategy that gives Sonic hearing aids their signature sound. SVP works with SmartCompress to provide natural and detailed amplification for your patients.

  • More listening comfort in noise
  • Improved ease of listening in noise
  • Natural sound quality



Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro

A 2-in-1 system for better feedback control. A feedback monitor, an adaptive filter, and phase cancellation ensure that signals coming from the output of the receiver are subtracted from the microphone’s input to cancel feedback from the static feedback path. A fast-acting supplementary system manages feedback associated with sudden, unpredictable changes from the dynamic feedback path.

  • Feedback cancelled in both stable and changing conditions
  • Improved audibility of soft speech sounds
  • More open fittings for a natural, own-voice sound



SPiN Management

Speech in Noise (SPiN) Management is an advanced noise reduction system exclusive to the SoundDNA platform. With three systems working together as one, it can improve speech understanding in listening environments where your patients need help the most.

  • Better speech understanding in noisy listening environments
  • Settings that start at higher SNR levels to reduce background noise
  • Can be personalized to meet patients' preferences



Dual-Radio System

Wireless connectivity is a way of life for today’s hearing aid users, and they can control a variety of Bluetooth wireless operations via program button, smartphone, or other accessories from Sonic. Patients can stream audio directly to their hearing devices via their iPhone® or connect conveniently to other wireless devices using a full range of accessories.

  • Powerful 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • Fast and direct wireless transmissions with low battery drain
  • Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) provides fast ear-to-ear communication

Tinnitus SoundSupport

This technology reduces a patient’s perception of tinnitus by providing amplification and generating sound relief options at the same time.

  • Customizable with sounds that vary in level and frequency content
  • Patients can control the relief sound volume manually
  • Choose from a varied selection of nature sounds or broadband sounds


SoundDNA Frequency Transfer

Frequency Transfer

Helps people who have difficulty receiving high-frequency signals from their hearing aids by transferring them to a lower frequency region with better residual hearing. With up to 10 destination ranges, 7 intensity settings, high-frequency attenuation, and manual activation in fitting software, you can choose the right options for your patient.





An integrated Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solution is available with miniRITE T R, Sonic’s newest rechargeable style on the SoundDNA platform. With this dedicated charging system, patients can enjoy a full day of power, even when connected to their accessories. Charging is fast, reaching full capacity in 3 hours.

  • Small and lightweight battery, with a user-friendly charger 
  • Power on/off LED indicator on charger
  • Wall charger and USB 2.0 port options, like PC, TV, car, power bank
SoundDNA Binaural Noise Management

Binaural Noise Management

Uses wireless technology to offset unpredictable noises that affect one side more than the other. Binaural Noise Management compares noise levels at each ear and reduces the loudest noise for a more balanced sound. Available in a range of devices and technology levels. Other noise reduction technologies include:

  • Impulse Noise Reduction lessens the discomfort of sudden, loud sounds
  • Wind Noise Reduction adjusts to outside activities
  • Soft Noise Reduction reduces low-level noise
SoundDNA Extended Dynamic Range

Extended Dynamic Range

To clarify loud speech, many Sonic devices offer Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) technology that expands the dynamic range of sound up to 113 dB SPL. As sounds grow in intensity, EDR provides clarity — especially helpful in movie theaters, performances, auditoriums, and other places where sudden dramatic sounds really make the moment.



Sonic devices can connect to other smart devices on The Internet of Things, using the If This Then That (IFTTT) network. Users can get audible signals for an email received or an alert when someone’s at the front door. When its power is low, the hearing aids can send a text message to remind your patient to change the battery. New uses for IFTTT are appearing every day, with smart devices like these:

  • Entertainment systems
  • Electricity and thermostat controllers
  • Car stereos or remote starters
  • Smartphone apps
  • Home security systems and kitchen devices

* Requires SoundLink 2 App.

SoundDNA IP Rating

IP68 Rating

This rating assures your patients that their hearing aids are protected from dust, sweat, and water, and easier to maintain, improving the overall patient experience.

SoundDNA Smart Music


SmartMusic adds greater enjoyment to the live music experience by extending the dynamic range of sound to a fixed-level of 113 dB SPL. With this program, listeners and performers alike are immersed in dynamic, clear music at its best.

SoundDNA Expressfit

EXPRESSfit ® Pro Software

Sonic’s easy-to-use fitting software makes fittings simple, intuitive, and accurate. To help the hearing professional, essential fitting tools include:

  • Adaptation Manager
  • Transfer Fitting
  • Real Ear Fit
  • SoundStudio
  • Streamlined design and fitting flow
  • More fitting bands and graph view options for finer adjustments
  • Audible indicator tones for easier sound recognition
  • In situ Audiometry
  • Generate and print reports
  • Firmware Updater (no device change needed)
  • Software Updater


To see Sonic technology and accessories in action, contact us to arrange a personal demonstration.